Mastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide

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YouTube Shorts are the perfect way to share quick, engaging content with your audience. In this course, you'll learn how to make YouTube Shorts from your phone or computer, how to optimize Shorts so they easily get discovered on YouTube, how viewers will find your shorts and how to promote them to get maximum reach. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced YouTuber, this course has something for you.

Who is this video course for?
This course is for anyone who meets any of the following:

  • Wants more views and subscribers
  • Wants to grow their channel fast
  • Wants to reach a wider audience
  • Wants to make quick attention-grabbing content
  • Wants to be creative and have fun making vertical videos
  • Wants to make money

What You’ll Learn:

  • YouTube Shorts Explained: Is It Worth Investing Your Time?
    Learn some mind blowing stats about Shorts and the top benefits of making Shorts so you can get more views and subscribers.
  • Secrets Of The YouTube Shorts AlgorithmDiscover how the YouTube Shorts recommendation system works and how to use Shorts to recommend long form videos.
  • How To Upload, Optimize & Promote YouTube Shorts From Your PC
    Discover how to film, upload, optimize, publish and promote YouTube Shorts from your PC. You'll also learn how viewers discover your Shorts videos.
  • How To Use The YouTube Shorts Editor (MAKE SHORTS ON PHONE)Discover how to use the Shorts Editing Tools on the YouTube App, so you can easily make a Shorts video on your phone (IOS or Android device).
  • Get More Views On Your YouTube Shorts With A Custom Thumbnail
    Discover how to get more views from Google Search by uploading or changing a custom thumbnail for YouTube Shorts, even though YouTube says you can't.
  • Make Shorts From Existing YouTube Videos On Mobile App
    Discover how to MAKE SHORTS from existing long form videos and how to use this NEW FEATURE to reach a larger audience,
  • How To Reply To A YouTube Comment With A Short
    Wouldn't it be great if you could reply to any comments posted on your YouTube videos with a SHORT? Now you can by.clicking on the Shorts icon within a comment. You'll also discover 5 ways to use this feature to get more views.
  • Convert Clips Into Shorts On YouTube App (GET MORE VIEWS)
    Discover how to convert clips created from your long form videos into YouTube Shorts using the Shorts Camera App. You'll also learn how to track the performance of your Shorts, where Shorts appear on YouTube & frequently asked questions  on how to use YouTube Clips.
  • YouTube Shorts Not Showing (How To Fix It)
    Discover 5 places where viewers can find your Shorts videos and the best ways to optimize them so you'll get more views and subscribers.
  • Monetizing Your YouTube Shorts- Tips and Best Practices
    Discover the benefits of Shorts Monetization, how much you’ll earn, where the shorts ads will appear, and how to use this new feature to make more money on YouTube.
  • The Best Practices for Creating YouTube ShortsLearn the best practices for creating successful and engaging YouTube Shorts. From generating creative ideas to optimizing for the YouTube Shorts algorithm, you’ll be able to make unique and eye-catching videos that will draw in more viewers
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Mastering YouTube Shorts: The Complete Guide

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